Monday, October 13, 2008

Twin Peaks

Today Val and I went to twin peaks. They are a couple of granite outcrops on the flats

Brody and I start up the mound of Twin Peak 1

We found the cache

The cool thing about this place is that there are petroglyphs, so we went looking for them. These are the ones at Twin Peaks 1

The glyphs were on a big overhang that was almost like a cave. Val and Brody show how big it is.

I tried climbing up to them but couldn't quite make it

Brody on top of top of Twin Peak 2

Found the cache on Twin Peak 2

Heres Val and Brody at the second set of glyphs. I'm proud of Val she hates heights but she climbed up this cliff with me and brodie to get a closer look at the glyphs. You can see she looks a bit nervous. She did a great job.

A closer look at the glyph

A view of the cliff that we climbed. We had a great day


Margaret said...

Those are beautiful climbing rocks. Enough maybe to get me over MY fear of heights. I used to love rock climbing...but I never found caches or petroglyphs. You'll have to take us hiking if/when we make it up there :).

Jim said...

you come up and we'll take you there

Margaret said...

Deal :).

Adam said...

the place looks nice! was it really difficult?

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Jim said...

No it wasn't difficult, but if you are afraid of heights it is.