Monday, November 10, 2008

Davey jones locker

As some of you may have noticed I don't update my blog that often. Part of the reason is that I'm pretty busy, but also I'm not doing this as a competition. Val and I do geocaching to go exploring and see new areas, whether its in our backyard or other places. Its been great we found a lot of cool places both from a historical and a natural point of view.

This week end we found the Davy Jones locker cache. We had a great time and a good hike around Duck Lake along the tracks.

I was a wet day but Brody enjoyed the walk about 4 miles

Found the cache.
A view of the lake from the tracks

Somebody was watching us

An old abandoned orchard

It was wet but we had a good time!


Amy said...

beautiful pictures!

Karenee said...

I love the scent, taste, and feel of the pictures you post. I'd almost believe I was there, except I get to avoid the bugs, dirt and sore muscles.

Jen said...


Gosh - Brody's getting so big!